There is a warning to dog owners after what's believed to be a 'beautiful but deadly' Portuguese Man o' War washed up on an Isle of Wight beach.

Natasha Luscombe, from Lake, was walking her Pomeranian, named Morphie, on Wednesday (8) when she made the discovery.

She had just let him off his leash when he started "sniffing something out".

"I saw it and thought it was a toy", she said.

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After recognising what it was, Natasha, a nurse at St Mary's Hospital, put Morphie back on his leash.

As she was heading to her car, she made other dog owners aware of the discovery.

To let as many people as possible know, she also posted imaged on Facebook.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Although the painful sting of a Portuguese Man o' War — also known as a 'floating terror' — can be fatal to humans, it is rare.

It is more common for them to cause welts on exposed skin. They can still sting weeks after washing ashore.

They are rare to UK waters but if they are spotted, it is usually between the months of September to December.

It is not the first time they have been spotted on the Island's beaches.

The County Press also reported on sightings in April and September.