What's thought to be a dangerous Portuguese Man o' War has been found washed up on an Isle of Wight beach.

The discovery was made by Islander Helen Beale and her partner Ira Jones, from Ryde yesterday morning (Wednesday).

It was found on the sand at the high water mark, on the beach at Brook.

Helen told the County Press the colours of the creature were 'stunning', but warned caution to dog walkers and children.

Isle of Wight County Press:

She said: "We were fossil hunting and were just on our way back to the wooden steps. It was on the beach to the left (with your back to the steps).

"The tentacles were incredibly long and the colours were stunning.

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"The beach had so many families with dogs and children though, that we thought we should post it as the tentacles were so long and it is so pretty, someone could easily get hurt."

Portuguese Man o' War's - also known as Floating Terrors - are rarely deadly to people but their sting can be painful, and can cause welts on exposed skin.

Isle of Wight County Press:

They can still sting weeks after washing ashore.

They are rare to UK waters but if they are spotted, it is usually between the months of September to December.

Helen said she has reported the sighting to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.