I recently had to travel to Portsmouth's QA hospital for cancer treatment and turned up at Wightlink's Ryde pier head terminal only to be told that as I only had cash — and no card — I would not be able to travel.

I tried to explain my situation but it made no difference I was told that I would not be able to get on the boat.

I was lucky enough that a lady behind me in the queue could hear what was going on and offered to pay the fare for me on her card, so I managed to get over for my treatment — no thanks to Wightlink.

I see that the NHS is talking about sending more of us Isle of Wight residents over to the mainland for treatments, they'll have to make sure that anyone they send to the QA has either a credit or debit card or it's a no-go with Wightlink.

The hovercraft is great and there is a good link into the city but unfortunately at times it can be a little unreliable.

It seems that with the no prams, no wheelchairs and no cash, Wightlink looks on its customers as a inconvenience to making money.

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