This letter from Mr. Coueslant (CP online, 01-06-22) about Wightlink not accepting cash struck a chord with me as I can relate to his experience.

Back in April I had gone to Wightlink's Portsmouth Harbour ticket office with the plan to purchase a day return ticket to Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

I waited to pay cash but was told that they don't accept cash.

All my life good old-fashioned cash has been accepted but now I find its not good enough for some and I'm treated like there's something wrong with me for even asking to make a payment by cash.

I have no problem if people wish to pay by card, but what about choice?

Wightlink can obviously not care about my custom as I decided to not bother with my trip to Ryde and chose to go to Bournemouth instead with South Western Railway who accepted my cash.

I also went to get a coffee at the Gunwharf recently where this particular establishment informed me it's card only.

Again, I took my custom elsewhere, just a short walk away.

I don't wish to make a card payment every time I make a transaction for something like a coffee costing £2.80.

All the while I can vote with my feet I will continue to take my cash elsewhere, but not doubt that little freedom of choice will eventually be taken away from me.

Oh, and I had a really nice day in Bournemouth — thanks to Wightlink.

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