Wightlink's Portsmouth Harbour Ticket Office now refuses to accept cash payments for tickets — long after even most of us have antibodies to Covid by vaccination or infection and often, both.

Last Saturday, I was surprised to be refused the option to pay in cash to buy my return Wightlink catamaran ticket to Ryde.

Luckily, I had a payment card, but if I had no card, or my card had not been working, or had been stolen, or lost, I would have been refused travel by Wightlink.

Apparently, this is is now legal according to our present government's laws.

To me, it is an injustice to take away the right to use cash for essential travel and essential services, when needed.

It is one more nail in the coffin of democracy in this country and a step in the direction of Big Brother Government. 1984 is only 38 years later than George Orwell predicted!

If your readers agree, maybe they might like to write or email about Wightlink and others who take away our freedom to pay by cash, when needs must.

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