Isle of Wight Councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, is back in the UK after travelling to Moldova, with Island-based charity MAD-Aid, to see how aid is being distributed to Ukraine's refugees.

Hundreds of thousands of people, mainly women and children, have poured across the border into Moldova.

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MAD-Aid runs the country's Phoenix Centre in Riscani which, in normal times, is dedicated to looking after Moldovans and providing medical supplies.

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Isle of Wight County Press: Aid stacked in the Phoenix Centre in Riscani, Moldova.Aid stacked in the Phoenix Centre in Riscani, Moldova.

However, since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in February, the centre has been housing families fleeing the violence, in makeshift pods and basic rooms.

Cllr Love has been posting a series of videos, to show how donations collected on the Isle of Wight have been making a difference in the country, which is itself fearful of invasion.

Paying tribute to the work of the charity and to those who have donated aid so far, Cllr Love said: "East Cowes and MAD-Aid is definitely on the radar in Moldova as a driver for positive change.

"Your contributions are outstanding, for such a small community."

During his visit, Cllr Love, and Victoria Dunford, who is the driving force behind MAD-Aid, met Ukraine's Ambassador to Moldova.

Cllr Love called the gathering in Chisinău, a "meeting of minds and inspiration" and "an outstanding moment for Victoria and the work of MAD-Aid."

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Isle of Wight County Press: Cllr Karl Love (right) with MAD-Aid's Victoria Dunford and Ukraine's Ambassador to Moldova. Cllr Karl Love (right) with MAD-Aid's Victoria Dunford and Ukraine's Ambassador to Moldova.

Victoria was in Moldova when the war started and heard explosions but initially mistook them for thunder.

Later that day, she returned home to the Isle of Wight and started her humanitarian effort, which has so far seen nine full aid lorries travel cross Europe.

You can continue to donate, at drop off points across the Island (see below) and financially, via MAD-Aid.

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Before leaving the Island, Cllr Love said it was a great honour to be invited to the centre.

He said: "Our Island has now started to receive refugees through the sponsorship scheme and we anticipate many more will arrive soon. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to lose all that one has spent a lifetime creating.

"The work of MAD-Aid has been invaluable and an important lifeline for many during this conflict. It is a humanitarian crisis and I can feel the support of Island people everywhere I travel for the Ukraine people.

In social media posts from Moldova, Karl said his visit had highlighted how few facilities exist and dubbed the situation for refugees, "surviving, not living."

He also said he was getting involved in helping improve facilities and conditions for the refugees.