Nine trucks had been loaded up with aid for Ukraine's refugees, as of March 24, with aid worth more than £400,000 sent to the region from the Isle of Wight, by an East Cowes-based charity.

Three lorry loads of aid have been distributed in Moldova, where many refugees fleeing the war have arrived.

Some has also been taken over the border, into war-torn Ukraine itself.

Mad-Aid is continuing to appeal for help and funds, and you can drop items at the County Press's office in Pyle Street, Newport, from 9-5, across the school Easter holidays.

What items does the Isle of Wight's Ukraine aid effort need now?

Still needed:

  • Non-perishable food
  • Items for children, including school bags, pens and paper (Moldova is starting to integrate children into school)
  • Cleaning products, washing powder and washing up liquid
  • Nappies and baby food; medical supplies, including bandages and first aid kits

Isle of Wight College students loading an aid lorry.

The war has now been tearing towns and cities apart for more than month, with many dead and reports of atrocities in Ukraine.

MAD-Aid’s Victoria Dunford was in Moldova when Russia invaded. She awoke to the sound of explosions, mistaking them for thunder.

Since then, her specialist Phoenix Centre, which normally helps Moldovans, has been housing Ukraine's refugees.

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MAD-Aid's Victoria Dunford, speaking to the Isle of Wight County Press in March.

By March 26, more than 380,000 people were believed to have crossed the border into Ukraine, including around 50,000 children.

Victoria said: "Behind every-single statistic is a son, a daughter, a lost and worried mother, extremely upset grandparents.

"They packed their life in a few bags, maybe a suitcase. It’s heart breaking to take photos of aid distribution while trying to respect and preserve people’s dignity.

"Phoenix was filled with the smiles of innocent children who had no idea that they have become the children of war.

"I salute and thank those who support MAD-Aid and put your confidence in us.

"It was a month that marked us all. A month that could be the beginning of an end. But it could also be a beginning!"

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