A brother leading a unit of 130 men in war-torn Kyiv. Other family members huddling from Russian bombs in freezing cellars in Eastern Ukraine.

A Russian friend living in the east of the country, indoctrinated to believe Ukraine has been the aggressor and the enemy, but who has, in recent weeks, been led to safety from the frontline by Ukraininan 'nationalists'.

These are the realities of well-known Isle of Wight businesswoman Zoryna O'Donnell, who is rising above her own personal worry to try to help fellow Ukrainians as war rages in her home country.

Zoryna is a Newport-based management consultant and coach, practitioner of several talking therapies and a mental health first aider.

Isle of Wight County Press: Zoryna O'Donnell, management consultant.Zoryna O'Donnell, management consultant.

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She used to work for the Isle of Wight Council and more recently for Action Isle of Wight before setting up her own company L & M Plus Consulting, which specialises in all her strengths.

Zoryna put out a call for therapists and mental health professionals to come to the aid of those being traumatised by the death and destruction in her homeland.

She told the County Press: "Right from the start of the war, I have been working with my partners – the Ukrainian-Swiss Project Act for Health to set up a provision of emergency psychological support for people who are currently in Ukraine.

"Lots of professionals have come forward and although people on the Isle of Wight do not have the language to be of use in many cases, three mental health workers have offered their services."

It is her training in resilience coaching which is particularly helping her at the moment.

She is strong in her belief the West is not doing enough, saying: "This is World War Three. When the politicians talk about avoiding World War Three by not confronting Putin they are wrong.

Isle of Wight County Press: The bombs fall on the town of Chernigiv in Eastern Ukraine.The bombs fall on the town of Chernigiv in Eastern Ukraine.

'Putin wants World War Three'

"The sooner people wake up and realise this is World War Three the better. Putin is determined to rebuild the Russian Empire and will not stop at Ukraine.

"I am a proud Ukrainian and have no reason to hide my feelings."

Her brother Yaroslav's unit is a symbol of her frustration. She doesn't tell me his surname, nor his location in Kyiv, for obvious reasons, but she does say this: "He is in command of a territorial unit of 130 men. They have 20 helmets and 20 sets of body armour between them. This is the reality."

And the story of her cousins and nieces in the town of Chernigiv is just as poignant.

"I had a message from my niece this week saying they were sheltering in the cellar designed to keep food cool in the summer. It is zero degrees there now and 15 degrees in their home, but they know where is safe from the bombs."

Despite the freezing conditions, the family members are trying to keep the children cheerful, as a picture she shares with the Isle of Wight County Press shows.

Isle of Wight County Press: Zoryna O'Donnell's relative drew this picture during a lull in the fighting in her town of Chernigiv.Zoryna O'Donnell's relative drew this picture during a lull in the fighting in her town of Chernigiv.

Isle of Wight County Press: Zoryna O'Donnell's family members huddle in a cellar from the Russian bombs falling on their town of Chernigiv.

Zoryna said her resilience coaching skills are proving vital to herself and those she coaches.

She said: "That sense of purpose helps me cope with the worry of family members in Ukraine and what this is going towards."

Although she is angry at the politicians for their inaction she is also incredibly grateful to the people of the Isle of Wight and Britain in general for their generosity.

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Isle of Wight County Press: more damage in Chernigiv.more damage in Chernigiv.

She said she had donated all her savings to the cause and her son in Sweden had also given his money.

Zoryna urged Islanders not to turn their back on Ukraine and to give what we can.

International appeals and charities helping Ukraine:

British Red Cross – DEC Ukraine Appeal

Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

CARE International (DEC Member) will provide emergency relief in Ukraine and neighbouring countries through its partner People in Need.

Save the Children Ukraine Appeal

Ukraine appeals

Donate directly to the Ukrainian Army - The National Bank of Ukraine has an account to raise money for their armed forces. They accept Euros and US dollars.

Save Life - This non-governmental organisationcrowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes and supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.

Ukrainian Red Cross