Tim  Devlin, Cowes:

Brian Ash from East Cowes has written asking why we cannot have a fixed bridge instead of replacing the “floating bridge” across the Medina.

He suggests a high level bridge from Northwood to Saunders Way, which would be a very costly undertaking, and unlikely to ever get funding.

A far more practical solution to the needs of the river traffic, pedestrians and cars needing to cross the river would be the construction of a transporter bridge.

This works on a frame high above the river (about the same height as the current crane at the location).

A platform is suspended from it on cables, on which cars and pedestrians can be easily transported across the river.

Ships and boats can get past constantly, and there is no need for ramps on either side, and the platform is suspended out of the water, and the tide.

The addition of lifts and stairs on either side and a walkway across the top, such as at the Royal Victoria Dock bridge in London, would make it useable in all conditions.

Not only can such a bridge be constructed fairly quickly, but steel fabrication and assembly can be done on the Island, bringing useful work to local people.

The platform would be powered by a lightweight electrical motor.

Teesside has had this technology since 1907. See the photo of the Tees transporter bridge.

Something for our councillors to contemplate!