Brian Ash, East Cowes:

Another new floating bridge? It is with great disappointment that it is the intention of the current Isle of Wight Council to replace the existing excuse for such a vessel.

Surely, enough is enough! Do we really have to go through this same painful process repeatedly?

The council should seriously be considering a more beneficial and long-term solution to a River Medina crossing. A fixed bridge.

The costs will be considerable but about 100 years ago, the then council dismissed such a scheme on the grounds that it would cost, I believe to be circa £45,000.

Whatever the cost, we know that this could be recouped over time with a toll fee.

Look at the Severn Bridge crossing. A massive bridge, but costs have been recovered by toll payments and now it is free.

Obviously, the Island does not have a massive traffic flow, but if the toll is kept for ever (like the floating bridge) then continuous money would flow into the council coffers without the need to pay for replacement vessels and or never-ending repairs. Also, a fixed bridge would benefit traffic flow on the Island.

All types of fixed bridges exist the length and breadth of our country and I therefore implore the council to think big, for the long term and for the benefit of the whole Island and its residents.

I know surveys would have to be conducted and I would recommend a site should be from Saunders Way, East Cowes, across to Northwood area depending on suitability. The height would be sufficient for yachts and other vessels to pass easily underneath.

In line with this a permanent foot passenger vessel would be necessary near the existing chain ferry.