A person got stuck in mud at Priory Bay this lunchtime (Monday).

HM Coastguard teams were called to a report of someone being stuck on a cliff, but it later emerged it was mud that was the problem.

Bembridge and Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Teams and lifeboats from Bembridge RNLI were all sent to the scene, at around 1pm.

HM Coastguard said the casualty managed to free themselves and were confirmed to be safe and well.

It follows recent reports of people becoming stuck at Nodes Point, on Saturday, and at other locations, including Whitecliff Bay, in recent weeks.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service has warned of the dangers of muddy coastal walks, urging visitors to "stay alert to the terrain".

HIWFRS Station Manager Ant Westbrook, who attended recent Isle of Wight rescues, said: "We have some lovely coastal and beach walks and want people to be able to enjoy these safely.

"The ground is extremely muddy in places and it can be difficult to judge how stable the surface is or just how deep the mud is.

"Take extra care, stick to the paths, follow any local warnings and ensure you have a mobile phone with you."

If you do get caught out, or come across someone stuck in mud, the advice is to call 999 and ask for Coastguard. We are told not to enter the mud to help.

If you are the person in danger, stay calm and avoid movement, the fire service said. Spread your weight to stand evenly, call loudly to attract attention and call 999, it added.