Cracks have started to appear in a coastal footpath at a popular Isle of Wight country park.

Posting on Facebook, Fort Victoria, Yarmouth, said cracking has occurred in the path that runs to the Hurst Castle Viewpoint.

It's thought a landslip below the viewpoint is the cause. The path remains open at the moment.

Fort Victoria said: "The rest of the coast between Fort Vic and Fort Albert continues to make its slippery slidey way down the cliff.

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"Large sections are being lost and one path that was closed last year is now 10ft to the north and 6ft down."

It said a permissive path that runs along the stretch of the woods "isn't very permissive at the moment".

The post added: "Wellies are a must and stay away from the edges!"

In December, the County Press reported that significant land movement had occurred in the area.

Fort Victoria said trees in the area were being held up by fresh air.

Meanwhile, in November, the country park warned there were some very steep drops that did not exist previously.

Last week, around the corner in Totland, a large landslide closed the promenade, north of Totland Pier.