There is 'nothing to suggest' the Isle of Wight's Military Road is in danger of collapse, Island Roads has said, after land movement saw a void appear and closed a footpath.

According to the firm, a survey carried out earlier this month showed there were no signs of movement to the highway.

As previously reported, the Isle of Wight Council closed a footpath adjacent to the road over safety concerns.

Council leader Cllr Phil Jordan told the County Press it was "too early to say" what it means for the future of the road itself.

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He said: "The current phase is very much assess and monitor the void and intervene if needed, possible and sensible and safe to do so."

Isle of Wight County Press: The Military Road, close to the edge

Now, Island Roads has said boreholes in the road are surveyed at least once a year and is monitoring it for further movement.

It said they were checked in October last year and at the beginning of the year, in response to the void opening.

A spokesperson said: "No signs of movement to the highway were detected during the January survey.

"Monitoring equipment placed on the cliff side of the road also provides hourly data. This has, not surprisingly, recorded the recent movement but, again, there is nothing to suggest an imminent danger to the highway itself.

"We will of course continue to monitor the area and will liaise closely with the IWC to ensure all steps are taken to maintain a safe road network."

Island Roads said in 2004, a retaining wall was built and buried, so it did not detract from the natural beauty of the area.

It is designed to protect the road from erosion for around 50 years.

Pictures taken earlier in the last week show land has also fallen further along the road, near Compton.