The Isle of Wight Council leader has said he is "confident" one of the UK's most scenic coastal routes - Military Road - can be kept open "until such a time as it is unsafe to do so."

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But Cllr Phil Jordan admits it is "too early to say" what damage has been done, after a new void recently opened up along the road.

As the County Press reported, safety concerns have already led to the closure of a public footpath and there have been fears about the future of the iconic road, itself.

Pictures show land has also fallen further, near Compton.

Cllr Jordan confirmed engineers have attended the site and are assessing and monitoring the situation.

He said he is waiting to find out and understand what the extent of the damage is and how it might be fixed. 

He told the County Press: "The safety of the Highways Network is vital and of paramount importance and I am confident we shall maintain the road and keep it open until such a time as it is unsafe to do so. 

"The current phase is very much assess and monitor the void and intervene if needed, possible and sensible and safe to do so."

Photos above show the ever-changing landscape around Military Road.

Photos by Paul Blackley.