Round-the-clock deliveries to the main Isle of Wight Sainsbury's store in Newport, have been given the go-ahead after an appeal, despite it being branded an 'awful neighbour' by its neighbours.

The supermarket had requested the change so it could ensure stocked shelves.

In February 2023, the Isle of Wight Council turned down the request.

Concerns were raised by the authority that the late-night deliveries would result in noise disturbance and have serious and adverse effects on locals' health and quality of life.

The supermarket giant appealed the council's decision to the government's Planning Inspectorate and, in December, the refusal was overturned.

The ruling saw new conditions added, including no more than one delivery between 11pm and 5.30am on a single day, “in the interests of the living conditions of neighbours".

Home delivery vehicles will not be allowed into the service yard between 11pm and 7am.

In its report, the inspectorate acknowledged the strength of objection but said problems did not solely relate to overnight deliveries, rather light pollution and anti-social behaviour in the car park.

An inspector from the government body visited the Foxes Road store, noting it was a busy route and reported it would be reasonable to infer there would be significant levels of traffic noise for much of the day.

One resident, who has lived opposite the store for more than ten years, said the deliveries had been a constant annoyance, with “massive lorries running at all times of the day and night.”

In its appeal, Sainsbury’s said it would enforce a management plan, engage with residents, install insulation around doors to limit noise emissions and provide contact details, so staff can be reached when there is an issue.

Concluding there would be no adverse impact, the inspectorate highlighted a lack of previous official complaints about the 24-hour deliveries which had been temporarily allowed during the Covid-19 pandemic.