Re nudists at the far end of Yaverland beach (CP 09-06-23).

This beach has been an unofficial naturist beach for as long as I’ve known it, to my knowledge.

The Brighton naturist beach is set in a prime position and no one turns an eye these days after many years of naked use!

In 1980, controversy surrounded the opening of Brighton’s 200-yard ‘naturist’ section of beach.

As hoped by the local council, it brought a more liberal attitude to the city, and is one of the most popular naturist beaches in Britain today.

Perhaps the only comment I would agree with in the letter to the County Press is that it needs better signage publicity so it could become a real asset to the town.

It’s not the only naturist beach on our Island and there is real money to be made out of ‘clothing optional’ tourism.

Perhaps it’s just what Sandown needs to help strip back to basics, rebuild its beauty and get maximum exposure!