Andrew Waruszynski, Milton Keynes:

As a regular visitor to the Isle of Wight it seems to me the powers that be, the police and council, are complicit in tolerating public displays of indecency.

Every year, tourists trek to the end of Sandown beach, keen to see what lies at the end.

At no point are they greeted by a sign or a notice that nudists may be seen.

Children, as was the case just yesterday, see a naked man standing on the raised platform of chalk stones that skirt the beach, actively displaying all.

To him the sight of children shielding their eyes from him are of no concern.

When threatened with the police, it merely provokes laughter and the response that nothing will come of it.

Depressingly he probably speaks the truth.

Year after year the situation continues. One year a whole coach party of nudists turned up.

I am writing to you in the hope that this letter will shame the authorities in to doing something.

They have an officially designated beach.

Furthermore the beach is in a popular family area and is being hijacked by naked people.

The police/council turn a blind eye when children cannot.