A WOMAN has been banned from driving after she crashed her car into a lamppost, exposing live wires.

Sitania Timms, 34, of Albert Street, Ventnor, admitted drink driving at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court today (Friday).

As previously reported, the incident happened on Remembrance Sunday, just as the wreaths were being tied onto the nearby Lake War Memorial.

Cllrs Paul Brading and Adrian Whittaker stood guard over the scene of the crash to warn the public about potential loose electric wires.

In court, Liz Miller, prosecuting, said firefighters first on the scene suspected Timms was under the influence of alcohol, and the police later confirmed this with two breath tests.

She blew a reading of 52 when the legal limit is 35.

She had been the sole occupant in the car and had driven from Ventnor before crashing in Lake.

Oscar Vincent said Timms was a single parent of two children who had enjoyed a rare lunch out with friends, where she drank two pints and a liqueur.

Unexpectedly, she had a call from friends stranded at the catamaran at Ryde Pier, and she felt OK to drive so she went to collect them.

She crashed the car on the way there.

She was disqualified from driving for 12 months and must pay a £120 fine, £34 surcharge and £85 costs.