AN ELDERLY couple has been left devastated, and forced to vacate their Brighstone home, following serious flooding in the village.

Albert and Christina Kingsford, 75 and 74 respectively, can't return home for an indeterminate length of time, after a deluge of floodwater burst into their property.

The couple, living at Cassis Court, only moved in last year, and have faced a difficult 12 months on the Island, compounded by Covid.

Other residents have claimed Monday's problems were "unquestionably" linked to the nearby Blanchards housing scheme.

A new Environment Agency and Island Roads approved drainage system is being installed 'as a matter of priority'.

"On Monday, I looked out the window and saw it was absolutely teeming outside," said Albert.

"Not long after, I saw the whole front of our property was underwater. All of a sudden, it was coming through our front door, and then it was coming through our backdoor.

"I couldn't believe how quickly it came in. I put a load of towels down behind the door to try and stop it, but of course they couldn't hold it back.

"It came into our front room, then turned into our hallway, and there was around an inch and a half of water in our bathroom.

"The builders across the road were very good. Six of them came over. Outside, it must have been two foot deep in areas."

A brown stain mark, more than a foot high, is evident on the outer wall of the property.

The screen door to his house is only half a foot off the ground.

"First, it was a pathway going from the front door, into our hallway and into our bathroom," said Albert.

"Having concrete floor, the water has just spread into the other rooms.

"We have a carpet cleaner that sucks up water, and we must have emptied it 40 to 50 times on the first day.

"The next day (Tuesday), it didn't seem to make much difference at all. It's still soaking wet.

"The insurance company came and cut the carpets to bits. They're going to send a removal company to take all our stuff into storage.

"They have to dry it all out, then builders will have to come in and might have to take all the skirting off the walls.

"They said it could be three weeks at least, probably longer, before we can return home."

The Brighstone couple stayed at a Yarmouth hotel for a couple of days, and will stay at Cheverton Farm for the remainder of their wait.

Albert, who previously lived in Dartford, Kent, only retired last year, and is yet to experience the peaceful life retirement usually affords.

He said: "It was devastating. My wife was distraught, running around trying to sweep away two-foot of water with a broom.

"The builders were very good, and brought over a submersible pump, and were pulling up drains here and there to try and to get the water to run away.

"They managed to clear the water fairly quickly, otherwise it could have been a lot worse."

Power tools, a vacuum cleaner and various other items have been damaged, including family photos.

Among them is a personal artifact ­— a corner cabinet which belonged to their late daughter, who died in 2007.

Several homes in Brighstone bore the brunt of heavy rain last week.

The main road through the village was also flooded for a time, and one resident was forced to wade through knee-deep water to return home.