AN alliance of non-Tory councillors elected at this month's Isle of Wight Council elections are confident of leading the authority for the next four years.

The Tories remain the largest party in the 39-seat council with 18, but the other 21, comprising independents, Greens, Labour, Lib Dem, Our Island and Island Independent Network, believe they will get their chosen candidate elected as leader and will then form a new administration.

Sources told the County Press a preferred leadership candidate had been chosen but declined to say who it was.

Former council leader Jonathan Bacon, who was re-elected in Brading and St Helens this time, has previously said he does not seek the leadership.

And, when interviewed by the County Press about the challenges of being a returning councillor, Our Ryde's Phil Jordan intriguingly said: "Depending on the outcome of this meeting my own role could be very different in the council but whatever transpires I am committed to making a positive difference for our Island community by working with other councillors."

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A source from the alliance said: "This is a time for new thinking. It is not about who has the most councillors within the group but a group of councillors working together."

However, the Conservatives are confident they will get their new temporary leader Cllr Steve Hastings, chosen to lead the council at the annual meeting on May 26.

A senior Tory source told the County Press they believed an Independent alliance was forming but it would not have the numbers of councillors to lead the council.

"It will only take one or two not to fall in with the alliance for us to have the numbers," they said.

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It is understood the Tories are also looking for allies to take them over the 20-seat threshold needed to lead the council.

In the biggest shock of the May 6 election, outgoing leader Dave Stewart, lost his Chale, Niton and Shorwell seat to Green Party candidate Claire Critchison.

It was a good day for the Greens, with Joe Lever unseating the Tories in Carisbrooke as well.

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The shape of the new council after Thursday's election is 18 Conservatives, 13 Independent, 2 Green, 2 Island Independent Network, 1 Labour, 1 Our Island, 1 Liberal Democrat and 1 Vectis Party.

The 2019 Labour parliamentary candidate Richard Quigley defeated Tory Richard Hollis in Cowes and in the closest result of the night in Osborne Stephen Hendry defeated Green Cameron Palin by just four votes.