THREE council election candidates for the Green Party recently found they had something else in common — Trinity Middle School.

They were unexpectedly reunited on a Green Party Zoom call for candidates, when Claire Critchison (Chale, Niton and Shorwell) and Jaimie Bundell (Newport West) discovered their former teacher David Moorse (Shanklin Central) – was also standing for election.

They are all hoping for a place on the Isle of Wight Council, following the elections on Thursday.

David said: “Having taught in a number of schools across the Island for 37 years I do quite often hear of past students doing amazing things around the world — such as a newly qualified doctor practicing in Bournemouth during the pandemic, or another doctor working in Somalia.

"But to find out that not only one but two former pupils were standing alongside me as Green Party candidates in the forthcoming elections is a source of immense pride.

“All those years of establishing school nature reserves, developing strength of character and social responsibility has resulted in energetic, creative thinkers such as Claire and Jaimie stepping forward and make a positive difference here for our Island community.

"It is fantastic to meet up again with such determined women who are doing everything they can to make things better for everyone here in the future.”

Claire and Jaimie were taught by Mr Moorse during his time at Trinity Middle School in Newport.

Claire said: “I have so many great memories and influences from my middle school teachers that have shaped my adult life choices, and Mr Moorse was a such a supportive teacher.

"He encouraged us to always question what is going on in society and stand up for what was important to us.

"This encouraged me to join many like-minded community groups and I credit him with giving me the confidence I needed to pursue opportunities out of my comfort zone.

"To find out we are all standing in the county elections was just brilliant.”

Jaimie recalls Mr Moorse being the best teacher she ever had.

"His lessons were engaging and also fun. They amplified my love of science which sparked my involvement in environmentalism. I’ve gone on to study planetary science and also now how climate change impacts marine ecosystems."

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