WITH less than a month now until local elections, the candidates standing in each ward have been released.

The deadline for official nomination papers to be submitted was yesterday (Thursday).

Polls will open on May 6 for the Isle of Wight to vote for its new councillors, who will make some of the biggest decisions that affect Islanders, like whether or not to increase the council tax.

This year, after a reshuffle of ward boundaries by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, only 39 seats will be up for grabs, losing one seat.

Currently, the Isle of Wight Council is run by the Conservatives, and has been since 2017, but this year more candidates are stepping up to the post to run for councillor.

Among the list of candidates put forward are returning councillors looking for re-election as well as some familiar faces from town, parish and community councils across the Island.

So, who is standing in your ward? Scroll down to find out who you can vote for on May 6...


  • Joe Robertson (Con)
  • Alasdair Steane (Our Island)

Binstead and Fishbourne

  • Simon Cooke
  • Ian Dore (Ind)
  • Ed Hopper (Con)

Brading and St Helens

  • Jonathan Bacon (Our Island)
  • Alexander Buggie (Lab)
  • John Graney (Lib Dem)
  • Brian Tyndall (Con)

Brighstone, Calbourne and Shalfleet

  • Doug Alldred (Green)
  • Steve Hastings (Con)
  • Nick Stuart (Lib Dem)

Carisbrooke and Gunville

  • Verity Bird (Lab)
  • Bev Hastings (Con)
  • Joe Lever (Green)

Central Rural

  • Suzie Ellis (Con)
  • Richard Hill (Lab)
  • Julia Laursen (Green)

Chale, Niton and Shorwell

  • Claire Critchison (Green)
  • Dave Stewart (Con)

Cowes Medina

  • Alan Bates (Lab)
  • Oscar Bicket (Con)
  • Lora Peacey-Wilcox (Ind)

Cowes North

  • Richard Hollis (Con)
  • Richard Quigley (Lab)

Cowes South and Northwood

  • Philip Attfield (Lab)
  • Steph Burgess (Lib Dem)
  • John Nicholson (Con)
  • Nathan Stubbings (Green)

Cowes West and Gurnard

  • Paul Fuller (Ind)
  • Tim Jeffreys (Con)
  • Josh Pointing (Lab)

East Cowes

  • Karl Love (Ind)
  • Bob Packham (Lib Dem)
  • Jane Rann (Con)
  • Lorna Trollope (Lab)

Fairlee and Whippingham

  • Patricia Packham (Lib Dem)
  • Matthew Price (Con)
  • Michael Smith (Green)

Freshwater North and Yarmouth

  • Daniel James (Green)
  • Peter Spink (Con)

Freshwater South

  • George Cameron (Con)
  • John Medland (Ind)

Haylands and Swanmore

  • Vanessa Churchman (Con)
  • Les Kirby (Ind)
  • Sue Lyons (Lab)
  • Malcolm Ross (Lib Dem)

Lake North

  • Gary Clarke (Lab)
  • Tig Outlaw (Con)
  • Adrian Whittaker (Ind)
  • Paul Wilson (Green)

Lake South

  • Patrick Barry (Green)
  • Paul Brading (Con)
  • Sarah McCarthy-Fry (Lab)
  • Linda Pitcher (Vectis Party)

Mountjoy and Shide

  • Alan Hunter (Lab)
  • Martin Oliver (Con)
  • Shirley Smart
  • Fred Turgut

Nettlestone and Seaview

  • David Adams (Ind)
  • Mark Rees (Lab)
  • Michael Ward (Con)

Newchurch, Havenstreet and Ashey

  • Anna Beach (Lab)
  • Clare Mosdell (Con)
  • Stephen Reynold (Ind)
  • Martyn Ridgley (Green)

Newport Central

  • Matthew Ambrosini (Con)
  • Simon Haytack (Lab)
  • Julie Jones-Evans (Ind)
  • Stephen Rushbrooke (Green)

Newport West

  • Bob Blezzard (Lib Dem)
  • Jamie Bundell (Green)
  • Bill Collins (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Brian Quigley (Lab)
  • Ray Redrup (Con)


  • Julie Burridge (Lib Dem)
  • Stephen Hendry (Con)
  • Michael Paler (Ind)
  • Cameron Palin (Green)

Pan and Barton

  • Geoff Brodie (Ind)
  • Danielle Fleet (Con)

Parkhurst and Hunnyhill

  • Hollie Fallick (Green)
  • Andrew Garratt (Lib Dem)
  • Pauline Hunter (Lab)
  • Cara Lock (Con)

Ryde Appley and Elmfield

  • Tiarnan Finney (Con)
  • Paul Hanpton (Green)
  • Michael Lilley

Ryde Monktonmead

  • Charles Chapman (Ind)
  • Karen Lucioni (Ind)
  • Mick Lyon (Lab)
  • Rhys Wright (Con)

Ryde North West

  • Phil Jordan (Ind)
  • Michael Salmon (Green)
  • Steve Sheridan (Con)
  • Phil Truckel (Lab)

Ryde South East

  • Emily Brother (Lab)
  • Warren Drew (Con)
  • Jess Higgins (IIN)
  • Tracy Mikich (Lib Dem)
  • Natalie Thomas (Green)

Ryde West

  • Steve Double (Lab)
  • Mike Lambert (Ind)
  • Ian Stephens (IIN)
  • Lou Temel (Con)

Sandown North

  • Debbie Andre (Ind)
  • Clive Cheetham (Lab)
  • Ian Fletcher (Con)
  • Stephen Parkes (IIN)

Sandown South

  • Pauline Evans (Our Island)
  • Jenny Hicks (IIN)
  • Robert Thompson (Lab)
  • Mark Voller (Lib Dem)
  • Ian Ward (Con)

Shanklin Central

  • Michael Beston (Con)
  • Kenneth Crawley (Lab)
  • Robert May (Ind)
  • David Moorse (Green)

Shanklin South

  • Mike Hailston (Our Island)
  • Christopher Lloyd (Lab)
  • Chris Quirk (Con)

Totland and Colwell

  • Carol Bryan (Con)
  • Billy Hancock (Lab)
  • Chris Jarman (Ind)
  • Michael Locke (Lib Dem)

Ventnor and St Lawrence

  • Steve Cooper (Lab)
  • Martin Godden (Freedom Alliance)
  • Mark Jefferies (IIN)
  • Gary Peace (Con)
  • Graham Perks (Vectis Party)
  • Phil Warren (Our Island)

Wootton Bridge

  • Barry Abraham (Con)
  • Susan Betts (Green)
  • Daryl Pitcher (Vectis Party)
  • John Ward

Wroxall, Lowtherville and Bonchurch

  • Rodney Downer (Ind)
  • Justin Tracey (Lab)
  • Colm Watling (Con)

KEY: Con = Conservative, Lab = Labour, Green = Green Party, Ind = Independent, Lib Dem = Liberal Democrats, IIN = Island Independent Network

There is still time to register to vote if you have not yet done so but wish to. To register visit: gov.uk/register-to-vote by 11:59pm on April 19.

See who is standing for town, parish and community council here.