After stories about mainlanders being told to travel to the Isle of Wight for coronavirus tests, an Islander has been told to get on a ferry to Hampshire.

The Isle of Wight's MP has promised to ask the government to 'make its position clear'.

Meanwhile ferry firm Red Funnel says it needs up to 48 hours notice if passengers are travelling with coronavirus symptoms in order to take a test. It says they should never travel on the passenger decks with symptoms.

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Fawley or Salisbury?

A Isle of Wight mum has contacted the County Press to say her daughter has not been feeling well and has had the sympomatic cough and limited taste and smell - all red flags for Covid-19.

Her calls to 111 and 119 have proved fruitless.

After two hours trying to book a test on the government's website, she was eventually offered her choice of appointments - as long as she could get to Fawley, Portsmouth or Chichester. The closest walk-in test was in Salisbury. 

She told the County Press: "Obviously I haven't booked, as I feel going to mainland isn't an option due to possible infection."

The County Press has also been contacted by an Islander who was offered a test in Bristol. 

Isle of Wight County Press:

Earlier, we heard from a woman from Lewes, Sussex who was told to travel to the Isle of Wight for a test - a 180 mile round-trip.

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A Hampshire family also found themselves with a similar predicament.

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In both those cases, the results were negative. 

Ferry firm responds

Red Funnel, which was used by both Isle of Wight-bound families, urged customers to tell staff before leaving home thet are travelling with symptoms.

Responding to concerns raised by the Hampsire family, Red Funnel said: "We are deeply disappointed that the customer did not make their situation known to us ahead of traveling. 

"As per government guidance, anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 (severe or not) should NOT use public transportation. Appreciating that ferry travel cannot be avoided between the Isle of Wight and mainland in some circumstances, we have a process in place to enable those who need to quarantine to make arrangements to remain inside their vehicle.

"For operations and safety reasons, these arrangements MUST be made in advance, and certainly ahead of boarding the ferry.

"The request appears to have been left too late and again, we should have been informed and put in a position to help PRIOR to the customers travelling, ideally at the time of booking."  

Red Funnel warned customers cannot remain in their vehicles if a boat is carrying hazardous freight, however.

Isle of Wight County Press:

What has the MP said?

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely said: "What concerns me is we have a test site here because Islanders need to be tested locally. It is asking a lot to expect people to get on a ferry to go and get a test.

"I am clearly concerned about people travelling here for tests too. I do not want people with Covid symptoms travelling on ferries.

"I am writing to government to make our position really clear on this."