An East Sussex woman and her daughter were told to travel 90 miles to the Isle of Wight for a coronavirus test. Thankfully, the results were negative.

Jane Roberts made the journey on Friday, travelling to Southampton from Lewes before crossing The Solent to the test site, at Newclose Cricket Ground, near Newport.

It was a round trip of 180 miles - and included two hours sat on a ferry.

She tweeted: "Our ferry to the Isle of Wight from Southampton to get a #CovidTest #CovidTesting and we live in Lewes ! This is what it's come to even though my daughter has #cysticfibrosis."

Jane has since confirmed on the social media platform that the results were negative: "When you get a NEGATIVE result on a #CovidTest and haven't taken out part of the #IsleOfWight!"

Isle of Wight County Press:

Image: Google Maps

On Friday, the Isle of Wight County Press reported on a Hampshire mum who also faced a similar crossing last week.

Malene's daughter was sent home from school and was told she could not return without proof that she did not have Covid-19. The Isle of Wight was their only option and her test result was also negative.

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Cases are going up on the Isle of Wight, including another confirmed yesterday (Sunday):

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The County Press has asked for clarity on whether the data includes those sent to the Island to get a test.