AN ISLE of Wight woman has issued a plea for the return of a stolen money jar of great sentimental value ­— decorated in memory of her daughter who died of cancer.

Jan Morris put out her plant table this morning (Friday) at the end of her drive at Castle Street, Carisbrooke.

Among the plants and items stolen was a unique money collecting jar, raising money for The Alayna Shae Fund ­— decorated in memory of her daughter, Alayna.

"Feel free to keep the plants, but please return the money jar," said Jan.

"I know it may only be a jar to some people, but I can’t believe some people’s dishonesty.

"The jar, as far as I am aware, was empty, as I’d only put it back out at 7.30am after taking it in each evening."

Alayna died in November 2018 from a rare brain tumour.

The Carisbrooke girl was diagnosed with a serious brain tumour which usually affects young children but is rare in someone of Alayna's age.

In August, Alayna's boyfriend Jason Hayles completed a gruelling 1,479 mile bike race challenge in memory of her.

In 2017, the pair had discussed their dreams of travelling and seeing the world together.