A CRAZY 1,479 mile bike race challenge has been completed by Jason Hayles in memory of his girlfriend Alayna Morris, who died in November aged just 18.

The Pan Celtic race saw half the riders pull out, but Jason, 23, reached the finishing line in 12th place and was the youngest competitor to complete the challenge.

He said: "Rewind back to 2017, my girlfriend Alayna and I discussed our dreams to go travelling and see the world together.

"Because I was already a keen cyclist and it is a pretty cheap and affordable way to go travelling, we both decided by bike was how we were going to do it.

"Through the winter of 2017, Alayna saved as much money as possible and rode her bike in some incredibly bad weather conditions in the desire to get fitter and and allow this dream to come true.

"In February 2018 she finally had enough money to buy her very first road bike. Unfortunately she only got to ride the bike twice.

"In March 2018, Alayna suddenly got rushed into hospital, getting diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) which is a form of incurable brain tumour.

"Unfortunately she lost her life to it just eight months later.

"I felt lost for the first time in my life, wondering what is the point of doing anything if one day it can just all be taken away from you.

"I then decided I couldn't live my life thinking this. I needed to start taking a more positive outlook on life.

"A few days later a friend sent me a link to few cycling events including the Pan Celtic race. It felt like a sign.

"It was the first year the event has taken place and it started in the very same place I promised I was going to take Alayna — Scotland. So I entered it."

He believes having Alayna in his mind, prevented him from pulling out of the gruelling race.

He is raising funds for the Wight Brainy Bunch, which is one of the charities that helped Alayna through her difficult journey and helped her make happy memories with her loved ones.

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