PHOTOGRAPHER Trudie Wilson captured these fantastic images of a cliff fall in Shanklin.

She witnessed the dramatic landslip from a safe distance but said the noise and impact was 'quite something' and warned people to take extra care while walking along the Esplanade or near the foot of cliffs.

She said: "I recently witnessed a cliff fall in Shanklin, on Tuesday afternoon, and want to raise awareness of the danger of cliffs especially this time of year with all the recent storms.

"As you can see from the photographs, the fall included a whole tree, which I was fortunate to witness from a safe distance.

"I managed to capture it as I happened to have a zoom lens on me at the time.

"The experience of witnessing the fall was amazing and the noise of the fall was quite something.

"I’m a local artist and I was out photographing the cliffs at the time hence I happened to be there at that moment with a camera."

There have been several reports of cliff falls recently, at Yaverland, and Brighstone.

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