VERTEBRAE from the tail of a 125-million-year-old dinosaur has been exposed at cliffs near Brighstone.

The tail of an iguanadon from the early Cretaceous period can clearly be seen thanks to recent cliff movement — but people will have to be careful if they venture near.

Pippa Fairweather, of Freshwater, took the photos and told the County Press the sight is 'pretty impressive'.

She warned: "It is between Brighstone's Grange Farm and Isle of Wight Pearl but is in a seriously over-hanging cliff which seems to be crumbling constantly, so people need to be super careful."

Oliver Mattsson, of Dinosaur Expeditions at the nearby Dinosaur Farm, said: "Complete skeletons of the iguanadon have been found but we don't know how much of this one is there, because it is inaccessible due to the safety risk being too great.

"Given the cliff as it is, and the rain we have been having, it is unsafe to go near it.

"The iguanadon is the most common type found, as the dinosaur has been found on all continents."

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