Isabel Dominey from Newport competed in the World Freestyle Dance Championships - and exceeded her expectations!

The 17-year-old danced in the Empress Ballroom at Blackpool's Winter Gardens over three days, June 28 to 30.

Her training, guided by Denise Palmer at the Freestyle Dance Academy in Newport, stood her in good stead.

This was the second consecutive year Isabel qualified for the championships.

Competing in the under-18 category, she progressed to the semi-finals after five rounds of elimination heats, securing a place among the top ten.

Ms Dominey said: "Being my second year to qualify, I just wanted to finish higher than last year and I exceeded my own expectations!

"Freestyle dance is a very physically demanding style of dance requiring agility and stamina and all of my training paid off. My aim is to make it a hat-trick and qualify next year with the hope of making the podium."