Two members of the Wightlink-Wight Mountain Junior team have been competing in mainland events.

On March 10, Finley Manser-Grundy, 5, travelled with his dad, Jack, to Rogate Bike Park to compete in the Root1 downhill race.

This was his first race of the year and the first time he had competed in this series and level of track.

Despite riding into a tree stump on his first run, Finley managed to stay on his bike and raced well.

On the next run he managed to improve by nearly 10 seconds and finished 18th out of 25.

Isle of Wight County Press: Finley Manser-GrundyFinley Manser-Grundy (Image: Wightlink Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team)

Meanwhile, on the same day, Alfie Haydon travelled to Devon to compete in the first round of the Southwest XC Series at Grammarcombe Woods.

Alfie started well having settled on the wheel of the rider in third place.

However, the course was littered with flints and just as he was starting to move up the field, he hit a big one.

The impact bent his wheel rim, putting an end to his race.

Isle of Wight County Press: Alfie HaydonAlfie Haydon (Image: Wightlink Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team)

Alfie said: "Not the day I wanted, but that’s just MTB racing."

Alfie was also in action on March 16, competing in his first fourth cat race at the Mountbatten circuit in Portsmouth.

He started off well but got caught out by an attack and was left to finish with a bunch who already had team mates up the road.

After the race, he said: "I really enjoyed my first race on the track and learned a lot from it."