LEAGUE leaders Havant III put Isle of Wight to the sword in a bruising battle at Wootton Rec on Saturday.


In an intense Counties 3 Hampshire clash, the visitors overpowered the hosts, despite it being a closely-contested scrap throughout.

Havant's pack showed their strength early in the match, landing on the scoresheet within the first five minutes.

Despite the challenges, Isle of Wight had most of the first half attacks.

Hard-working Island flanker Ian Puzey added his name to the scoresheet, but Havant regained the lead with strategic use of the Island's pressured scrum.

Despite their territorial dominance, the first half saw the Island's line-out misfire close to their 22, leaving Havant to convert just before half-time and lead 17-10. 

The second half painted a very different picture, as Havant controlled both possession and territory.

The Islanders put in a gallant effort, but due to injuries, they were forced to reshuffle, leaving Havant as favourites.

Man of the match, Cameron Browne, was kept busy, with his duties becoming largely defensive in the closing quarter.

Two more tries by Havant, one in the last minute added to Isle of Wight's woes.

Despite their defeat, Isle of Wight curiously moved up to third place after Overton were handed a five-point deduction for conceding a walkover in their fixture.

Isle of Wight face Aldershot & Fleet, who beat Ventnor at Watcombe Bottom on Saturday, next.


Counties 2 Hampshire: Sandown & Shanklin v United Services Portsmouth.

Counties 3: Aldershot & Fleet v Isle of Wight RFC; Overton v Ventnor.

Counties 4B: Sandown & Shanklin II v Millbrook II.

Counties 5 South: Ventnor II v United Services Portsmouth II.