After weeks of weather-induced delays, Isle of Wight RFC triumphed with a six-try haul in an against bottom side Alresford in Counties 3 Hampshire.


Despite this match having twice been postponed and numerous players being absent, Isle of Wight picked up maximum points on the road.

Alresford, despite their lowly position in the table, occasionally outperformed themselves, but the Islanders generally held sway after an action-packed start.

Island captain, Luke Blackman, advanced the ball from a quick-tap penalty, before transferring it to winger, Nathan Rolfe, who scored in the corner just 12 minutes in.

Blackman had been offering a lower-than-usual point output recently — but all that was about to shift.

He executed a stunning wide break on the 20-minute mark, with George Huish flawlessly converting, pushing Isle of Wight into a 12-point lead.

Play remained relatively even for the remainder of the half, with neither side penetrating the opposing 22.

It wasn't until the brink of half-time that IW logged their third score, after a Huish break set Blackman up for a  plunge over and a 17-0 lead.

The second half proved more tumultuous — marred by scuffles as Alresford fought back.

Injuries forced off Kevin Blackburn and, later, Dan Ward.

Ricky Keyes too had to bow out due to injury.

Despite the blows, the Island's Dan Bishop pierced through for the bonus point try on 46 minutes, stretching their lead to 24-7.

Under Alresford's pressure, IW held up staunchly.

A weaving run by Blackman completed his hat-trick of tries on 66 minutes, all but securing victory.

A turnover resulted in Alresford nailing their second try, but Blackman delivered the counter-punch with his fourth try, before having to be subbed off.

With a shrinking roster, IW were reduced to 14 players.

Alresford managed a good try with two minutes remaining, but IW's significant 17-point lead ensured their win, despite suffering an expanding injury list.