A DEPLETED Ventnor could not have had a more challenging away game than that at Counties 3 Hampshire League leaders, Fareham Heathens, on Saturday.


Despite numerous injuries and unavoidable absences, the team showed admirable qualities in their performance.

With the team forced to get switched around, Joe Coghlan found himself at scrum half, while his typical back row partner, Guy Entwistle, played at fly half, while the experienced Dean Magnurson was on the flank, with Will Broomfield in the midfield.

The early plays were evenly matched, with Ventnor's set scrum, led by Will Harrison, George Collett, and captain, Ben Savill, gained control initially.

The Heathens, after struggling against Ventnor's robust defense, decided to change tactics by moving the ball to the wide channels.

The result was impressive — a total of nine impressive tries, but only two of which were successfully converted.

Ventnor's defence, led by Lewy Morton, Broomfield and Collett, made significant contributions alongside Andy Teague and Jason Coltham, with outstanding cover tackling from Coghlan.

Behind the pack, Layton Greatorex and Fred Fairman managed to produce some notable moments, although the latter narrowly missed out on scoring a consolation try in the second half.

Ed Blake kept trying to run the ball from all corners, especially after Entwistle was sidelined due to a shoulder injury.

Also, Brad Francis, Harry Ottley, and Callum Martin were continuously kept busy throughout the game, as the Fareham backs ran their patterns.

Some of their last-ditch defending at times was commendable.

Ventnor: Harrison, Collett, Savill (capt), Teague, Coltham, Magnurson, Morton, Broomfield, Coghlan, Martin, Entwistle, Greatorex, Fairman, Ottley, Blake. Replacements: Francis