RYDE Reprobates now lie joint top of Division 1 of the Isle of Wight Table Tennis League following their crushing 8-2 victory over Ryde Goshawks. 

The Reprobates' Martin Johnson was player of the match, with Lewis Johnstone and Tom Johnson winning two each.

Newport Vics A, despite being bottom of the table, managed to take three games from top placed Ryde A, with Anna Joyce and Dave Hilliam notching up wins, and Hilliam and team mate John Cornforth taking the doubles.

Mark Turner was unbeaten for Ryde.

Newport Vics B had an excellent 8-2 win over Ryde Ravens, with Rob Warren unbeaten, although the Ravens' junior, Ryan Cates, won twice.

In Division 2, the Havenstreet Hooters played twice, recording a 10-0 whitewash of Ryde Allsorts, and a much closer match against top of the table Newport Vics C. 

Paul White and Carl Rye both won two against Newport, but nobody could get the better of Newport’s Lawrence Fo, who was in top form, with the match ending in a draw.

Newport Vics C also had another match, facing Ryde Revellers, who gave them a shock. 
The Revellers' Nicola Turner had an excellent, unbeaten night. 

Team-mate Dave Batten also won two and was only narrowly beaten in his third singles game. 
Newport took the doubles and the match ended in a draw.

A Shorwell derby match in Division 3 saw the Spinners come out on top, with Robert Wendes unbeaten for the Spinners in their 6-4 win.

Newport Vics D extended their lead at the top of the table, with an 8-2 victory over Ryde Retailers.

Division 1:
Newport Vics B 8, Ryde Ravens 2; Ryde A 7, Newport Vics A 3; Ryde Reprobates 8, Ryde Goshawks 2.
Division 2: Ryde Rascals 6, Ryde Rockets 4; Ryde Revellers 5, Newport Vics C 5; Havenstreet Hooters 4, Newport Vics C 6; Ryde Allsorts 0, Havenstreet Hooters 10.
Division 3: Shorwell Saints 4, Shorwell Spinners 6; Newport Vics D 8, Ryde Retailers 2.