MEMBERS of the Wightlink-Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team have been clocking up some serious miles while making use of their extra free time during lockdown.

Riding around the Isle of Wight once wasn’t enough for several team riders, with Matt Allsopp and Kev Chant completing two full laps — totalling 130 miles — in under six hours.

Stuart Waite and Adam Holleyman decided to push things further, with Stuart riding three laps and Adam cycling four, meaning he clocked up an epic 260 miles in a day.

As well as training for endurance races, riders are preparing for their time trial series, which they hope will resume on the Island next month.

“A number of our team riders are key workers in the NHS, police, fire service, schools and other services, so cycling has provided them with a much needed break from their day jobs during the crisis,” said Jerry Cooper, of the race team.

“Although our team members have been able to ride solo throughout lockdown, as restrictions have been lifted, we have been able to start socially-distanced group rides in small groups of no more than four.”

Stuart James, Wightlink’s director of marketing and innovation, said: “We’ve been truly inspired by the stories of how many of the athletes we support have kept themselves fit and occupied during lockdown.

"The Wightlink-Wight Mountain team have clearly been going the extra mile in every sense.

"As lockdown eases, we hope their efforts will pay off and reward them with success in their competitive sports — both on and off the Island.”