MORE has been planned to kick-start a women and girls’ cricket movement on the Isle of Wight.

With many attending coaching sessions, but very few joining cricket clubs, it has become an increasing worry for the Isle of Wight Cricket Board (IWCB).

Weekly, since October, IWCB coaches, Andy Woodward and Kate Barton, have trained up to 35 girls at Ryde School .

With cricket now on the school curriculum, interest has grown.

Last year, the IWCB’s Chance to Shine scheme coached 1,888 girls at Island schools.

However, this did not translate into membership with any of the Isle of Wight’s cricket clubs.

“The numbers look great, but how many were encouraged or helped to find a local cricket club? This needs to change,” said Kate.

“The IWCB has given 70 Island teachers foundation cricket training, yet uptake at cricket clubs is poor.

“If women’s and girls’ cricket is to succeed and grow on the Isle of Wight, more parents need to encourage their daughters to join clubs.

“Cricket is a wonderful game anyone can play it. There’s something for everyone.”

For more details about how girls or women can get involved in the game, contact the IWCB via, or through Facebook: Isle of Wight Cricket and Twitter @IWCricket