THE Untouchaballs lived up to their name by clinching the Isle of Wight Table Tennis Premier League.

All teams were in action for the final round of matches, with plenty to play for. 

The Untouchaballs made sure of the title by beating Ryde Realists.

Hugh Idle triumphed in two five-setters — the 5-0 scoreline not showing how close Lee Orton and Tim Giles pushed the champions.

High Idle and Danny Burns remain unbeaten as a team, with Burns boasting a 100 per cent record for the second year running.

In the fight for second place, Spinalot came through 3-2 against Follically Challenged.

A double for Alex Rorke, which included a thrilling five-set win against Don Hobbs, was backed up by another impressive doubles display from Rorke and Rob Smith.

However, it was not quite enough, as Hobbs and Jim Hall claimed second, having won more sets over the season.

The Lefthookers beat The Ballcrushers 5-0 in another match with a scoreline which belied a very close contest.

There were five-set wins for Tom Johnson over Temeesha Hobbs and Anna Joyce respectively in the singles, and for Simon Proffitt and Johnson in the doubles.

The results meant The Ballcrushers had nothing to show for another committed performance.


Spinalot 3, Follically Challenged 2; Ryde Realists 0, The Untouchaballs 5; The Ballcrushers 0, The Lefthookers 5.