THERE were some exciting matches played during the Isle of Wight Community Club’s annual Indoor Bowls Finals weekend.

Martin Butchers played in seven of the nine finals, while John Crews figured in six of them.

Isle of Wight County Press: All the Australian pairs finalists.All the Australian pairs finalists.

In the men’s two-wood singles game, Butchers beat Brian Knowles 18–11, followed by a win in the men’s four-wood singles, beating Crews 21–10.

There was a closer match in the men’s plate singles final, with Barry Bridgeman beating Pat Barsdell 23–17.

In the ladies’ singles, Sally Burton hammered Claire Lamplough 21–1, but in the pairs, Crews and Butchers joined forces to beat Paul Allo and Knowles 21–15.

In the mixed pairs, Crews and wife, Deb, beat Butchers, with wife, Denise, 18–16, while in the Australian pairs, Crews and Butchers beat Joyce Utteridge and Fred Sly emphatically 26-8.

Myles Farrington, Steve Crockett and Bridgeman won the triples.

Steve Lewis, Knowles, Roger Payne and Ray Byham beat Barry Newnham, Farrington, Crews and Butchers 25–13.