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The two-day Isle of Wight Festival of Running will take place on June 1 and 2 this year. The event will combine four great races over the weekend culminating in the Needles Half Marathon. Once again, the Isle of Wight Festival of Running will attract runners and outdoors people from all over the United Kingdom. Participants can use the latest Matchbook bonus code to keep the excitement going once the race ends. Racers not only enjoy the great competition of running against others, but they have the opportunity to explore the vast natural riches of the island.

Isle of Wight Festival of Running – Day 1

Isle of Wight County Press:

The Isle of Wight Festival of Running kicks off with two events on Saturday. The freshwater 5K and the Tapnell 10K will take place with runners traversing the gorgeous island countryside.

The Freshwater 5K is great for any novice runners or racers looking to complete their first ever short event. Racers start at the Sports Centre and run around the Freshwater area. The race gives runners the chance to take in panoramic views. Runners can use this site to get great bonuses and information on events before the big day. The race will take runners over footpaths with plenty of twists and turns before ending back at the Sports Centre. Although it is a 5K, runners will be challenged the entire way.

Two hours after the start of the Freshwater 5K, the Tapnell 10K kicks off. The race gives runners the chance to challenge themselves over a longer distance. Unlike the 5K which takes runners over footpaths, the Tapnell 10K is a cross country race that is run over the island’s western hills. Runners will start at the Sports Centre and complete a 10K loop of Tapnell Farm before ending back at the starting point. Individuals who want to maximise their weekend on the Isle of Wight can participate in both Saturday races.

Isle of Wight Festival of Running – Day 2

Isle of Wight County Press:

Day 2 of the festival begins at midday with the Junior Fun Run. Children as young as four can enter the race and enjoy a great run on the Jubilee and Stroud Fields. Race fans can learn more about the top drivers and get motivation before Day 2 of the festival. Young runners will receive a medal and certificate for participating and it is a great way to get children involved in racing and be fit.

The Junior Fun Run circuit is 1.5K with the four- to eight-year olds completing one lap while children eight-years and older will complete two laps.

Just before the Junior Fun Run, the big event of the weekend starts up. The Needles Half Marathon takes runners over 13.1 miles of the breath-taking Isle of Wight landscape. The highlight of the half marathon is running past the iconic Needles rock formation. The Needles rise up out of the Alum Bay and provide a unique landmark to view.

The Isle of Wight Festival of Running isn’t just two days of great races, but it is a full-on weekend event. Runners from all over will converge on the island and make this year’s event as memorable as the last.