FORMER music teacher, cellist and singer, Rosemary Joy Woodhouse, has died, aged 91.
Mrs Woodhouse was born in Harrow, Middlesex on July 11, 1926.
She attended the Royal College of Music studying singing, piano and cello, gaining an ARCM in singing performance and a GRSM as a teaching diploma.
After three years teaching music at Uplands School, Dorset, she was appointed as the first IW County Music organiser.
At County Hall, she met Eric Woodhouse and they married in 1952.
After having her two children, Michael and Jacquie, she returned to teaching music at Bembridge CE Primary School, and later moved to Forelands Middle School as part-time head of music.
On retiring in 1986, she co-ran the Music Centre's junior string orchestra and became choir-mistress and part-time church organist at her church.
She played cello with the Dunford String Orchestra and Ryde Philharmonic, sang soprano with the Cantata Choir and joined the IW Symphony Orchestra when it was formed.
She continued to play cello with the orchestra, enjoying the range and variety of music, until her death on May 5.