Gift to Nature is a charity aiming to make a big difference!

It is the flagship conservation project of Natural Enterprise, a charity based on the Isle of Wight, founded in 2000.

In 2016 they took over the management of a large part of the Isle of Wight Council's country estate to complement the Giving to Nature site.

Gift to Nature has many projects they are focusing on this year including;

Working with Totland Parish Council to integrate a new site – Turvills Field – into its portfolio.

Working with Natural England to introduce grazing to Rew Down Local Nature Reserve in Ventnor.

Working with Natural England and Godshill Parish Council to improve the condition of Munsley Bog, to replace the boardwalk and to add a Troll Trail.

Gift to Nature is dedicated to protecting the Isle of Wight’s beautiful landscapes and nature reserves.

They raise funds to make beautiful views, peaceful walks and wildlife available to all. Locations often feature local art inspired by wildlife and the heritage of these wonderful Island places. 

The Gift to Nature Store (Holyrood Street, Newport) is run by volunteers, where they grow and sell plants and garden produce, with focus on being locally sourced and new or as new products, all with a outdoor, garden and landscaping theme.  There is currently a 40 per cent off sale to take advantage of.   

Gift to Nature also has community events going on throughout the year, which are worth looking out for including a Mother's Day gift basket and Christmas wreath making.

Isle of Wight County Press: The wreath made at gift to nature

By Evelyn Shand of Christ the King College, Young Reporter Scheme