The year was 1990 when a man set out with a plan . This man was Derek Curtis and he always had a passion for animals and birds.  Fate led him to the island to discover a green house filled with a few tropical Birds, he already had his own collection of birds which he combined to produce a unique collection.  Derek was ambitious and saw the beauty and potential of this opportunity, and wanted to share this with others. “I was drawn to the Island because of its beauty, from its rolling hills to its golden beaches. It also has a great community to live and work in – everyone is so friendly and helpful." A quote from Derek's; white link website 2023.  I have fond memories of going to Amazon World.  Walking through the warm tropical green houses, you are transported to a tropical paradise.  Exotic birds roam in and out of the palms, exquisitely beautiful and friendly.  There was one particular bird called 'Trumpy' who followed us around, and I imagined he was talking to me with his 'coo'.   On to the butterflies, crocodiles, koi ponds, and to the snakes and insects . It's  an experience you cannot find anywhere else on the Island.  It's amazing how far Derek's ambition and ideas have created a successful inspirational hobby and business.  Amazon world has recently expanded, and now contains many different species of animals; Including red panda, Lemas ,kapibara ,wallabies . There is a popular indoor children's play centre with a cafe, and an animal themed gift shop.  Amazon world offers islander discounts, and they have recently become  a registered charity to finally get the support they deserve, to help look after the animals over the winter period. There is a focus on protecting endangered species and conservation by breeding and research programs.  They educate the younger generations on this and evolution using fossils, sculptures and historical items by displays and colections.  It trulyl is a gift to the island to teach children on such a worldwide issue. The history of at Amazon world shows how far such a seemingly small  idea can go where resilience and ambition can  be translated in day to day life . My favourite quote from Frida Kahlo “ At the end of the day we all endured more than we thought we could" I believe relates to Dereks case because of his resilience to build a successful business.  As a islander I wish amazon world  every success and and if your ever on the isle of wight, you should check out Derek's Business in real life, its an experience i will never forget, and a triumph to the island to hold such and amazing and flourishing business  -”.If I only had an hour to spend on the Island, I would have to say, go to Amazon World Zoo Park. My blood, sweat and tears have literally gone into this place. Much more than just a business, it is my hobby, my passion and my drive.”  quote on Derek wight link story 2023

Article by Evelyn Shand