The Young Reporters’ Scheme has come to an end.

Run by Newsquest, the initiative has enabled secondary school students to undergo the journalist experience with interviewing, writing and deadlines. 

Fellow young reporter Chloe Pedrozo, 16, said skills she gained included time management, searching for a story and the structure of an article.

Seth Burton, 15, explained the increase in his communication skills that accompanied reaching out to various companies. 

Initially, Evie Fuller, 16, signed up for Newsquest’s Young Reporters Scheme: “to achieve experience in media, a career and to talk about subjects that I’m passionate about.” 

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Whereas Seth Burton shared an interest in pursuing sports journalism, which the course catalysed further as he enthusiastically remarked: “I would love to work for the BBC in the future, going into sports journalism. Hopefully I can be on the radio as well!”

Sarah Leahy, head of media and film studies at Christ The King College, vocalised her approval with numerous students taking an interest in journalism: “I was delighted to have so many students want to get involved to find out what it is like to be a journalist.

"Students learnt so much in a short space of time! Having access to quality journalism is an important part of how we understand the world.

"I am pleased that a new generation of reporters have gained the confidence and knowledge to consider this as a potential career path."

This experience has been reported to be a catalyst for students to voice their ideas, which they otherwise could not have done. 

According to research, Generation Z (born from 1997-2012) is reported to be the most ethnically diverse generation, and with approximately one in six Generation Z adults identifying as LGBTQIA+, the need for diversity within journalism is emphasised. 

Chloe agrees: ”I believe that our generation is dismantling different issues to others. Younger minds should be informed of beliefs, ideologies shouldn't be forced onto them through journalism as they commonly are.

"We are in a time of progress socially and journalism is essential in informing people progressive news.”