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The ongoing cost of living crisis means that many are going without heating, electricity and even food.

On Top of this, inflation in the UK is rapidly increasing, with the consumer Prices index including owners’ occupiers Housing costs (CPIH) rising by 9.2% in the last 12 months.

This is caused by increased energy prices, shortages of goods and materials, and the long term impacts from covid.

Inflation affects everyone, no matter what job or status you have.

However, some people believe that inflation is a very ‘adult’ topic, and that teenagers and children aren’t affected by these rising prices, as they aren’t the ones that do weekly shopping, or have to pay for a house's electricity etc. 

Amélie Reddecliff, 16, states that she is being indirectly affected by inflation: “The pub I work at has had to close two days a week, reducing my income.”

Amélie says she needs the money as she would like to start driving lessons next year.

Similarly, Amelia Munroe, 16, says that she too has been impacted by inflation.

She explained: "I used to buy more presents, and nicer food, but now the prices have gone up, I'm unable to buy as much as I used to." 

Amelia also feels worried about the future, if prices continue to inflate: "If prices keep increasing, it will be a struggle to pay bills and to buy necessary items. I really hope they start to decrease so it makes our future easier."