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Isle of Wight businesses say they are playing their part in the fight against climate change. 

Scientists say climate change is by far the largest issue that our planet faces, and before we know it, it will become irreversible.

Greenhouse gas levels are at an all-time high, wildfires have become more frequent and severe and the predicted sea levels in England, for 2050, are to be about 35cm higher, putting over 200,000 homes and businesses at risk of flooding and abandonment.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Research shows one of the key problems is the amount of companies across the world that contribute to the ongoing issue, using unnecessary power and transportation, cutting down forests and even producing food.

One Island company which says it is doing what it can to become more environmentally-friendly is Tapnell Farm Park

Tom Turney, one of the family partners, says being an environmentally-sensitive business has always been important to him: "We have planted many thousands of trees, hedges, shrubs.

"We have established acres of meadow lands and nature friendly areas. We use the land and grow some of our attractions like the pumpkin patch and maize maze.

"These attractions have no power or lighting or infrastructure. This means we require nearly no energy to operate."

Other ways in which Tapnell Farm Park has become more environmentally-friendly is installing a bio digester, which takes waste and composts it on site.

Tom says despite putting in place lots of environmental changes to date, he knows there is still a lot more that could be done.

"Our aim is to be 100% solar powered, with the assistance of batteries, in the next few years" - Tom Turney

He said: "We are currently working out our carbon footprint and making steps to reduce it. Our aim is to be 100% solar powered, with the assistance of batteries, in the next few years.

"Additionally, our next project is looking at using screw foundations instead of concrete and our buildings being made out of second-hand containers… with a green grass roof and living walls."

It is clear that local businesses, both small and large, are going to have to start adapting to become more environmentally friendly, before it is too late.