Wandle win 5-4 on penalties.


Wandle finally got this cup tie played. After a long wait, in swamped conditions, the game was played at a ferocious pace with neither team being put off by the conditions.

Samuel Montague scored midway through the first half but Billy McLaren, Ian Burke and Marc Mathison stood firm in defence. When Louis Francis was injured, on came Christian Barrows to play a major part in midfield.

Wandle picked up the pace in the second half and it did not take long for James Tyson to flick the ball over the keeper's head and for Jamel Carr to slot home.

With both sides looking for a winner, keeper Barry Searle played heroically at times but neither side could find the winner.

Extra time was played at the same pace but, unfortunately, penalties had to decide this tie.

Wandle's penalty takers were James Tyson, Ian Burke, Mark Tonge, Jamel Carr and Emmanuel Shodeine. Barry Searle saved the crucial penalty.

Wandle go on to the semi finals.

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