The recent Barnet Times article, (Freedom of speech or sly propaganda?' July 5) quoted the managing director of the advertising company JC Decaux as saying:

"We are mindful of the effect advertising campaigns have on the general public and therefore we are careful not to display posters which would be deemed offensive."

There are probably thousands of people within the borough, myself and my family included, who find the recent 'Spearmint Rhino' advertising campaign highly offensive. We don't need massive billboards displaying scantily-clad women staring us in the face every time we leave our homes!

How can it be that there was no public outcry at the display of these degrading posters? Come on, people - write, phone, email to Barnet Council, JC Decaux, the Advertising Standards Authority: let's get our feelings known, and get this filth off our streets!

Let's not allow our society to be one in which encouraging people to think for themselves is 'offensive' whilst displaying fellow humans as nothing but sex objects is 'acceptable'.

Mrs G Jennings

|Wyburn Avenue, Barnet