Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Barnet, jointly express their profound concern over the raised level of tension nationally between different communities, due to the tragic events of Tuesday September 11.

As Christians, Muslims and Jews, we condemn all expressions of intolerance and acts of violence against people and property.

We call upon the people of Barnet to continue building bridges between our communities and celebrate the diversity of race, culture, and faith, represented in our borough.

We pray for justice and peace, recognising in the current situation the many complex issues that face the world.

In churches, mosques, and synagogues, we are also praying for peaceful co-existence in our borough.

The Revd Prebendary David Nash, The Revd Paul Taylor, The Revd Christopher Huitson, Church of England Area Deans of Barnet

The Revd Canon Richard Marriot, Roman Catholic Area Dean of Barnet

The Revd Colin Smith, Methodist Superintentant Minister of Barnet

Mr Sayed M Kadri, General Secretary, West Hendon Mosque

Rabbi Jeremy Rosen, Yakar Centre, Hendon

Rabbi Stephen Katz, Hendon Reform Synagogue