Joe Lever, Green Party candidate for Carisbrooke and Gunville in the May 6 local elections, has shared his objections to a planned development in Gunville.

He is calling for a "suitable and robust Island Planning Strategy".

Plans for nearly 150 houses on the edge of Gunville look likely to go before soon.

Two applications (full plans for 36 houses and outline for 113), were submitted in November 2019 but now revised plans are back before the Isle of Wight Council.

Joe Lever, who currently sits on Newport and Carisbrooke council said: “Gunville and neighbouring Newport West are relatively large, winding areas plagued with spots of inadequate off-street parking and many households - including my own - are car dependent.

"A number of roads in these areas (including Carisbrooke) are already considered dangerous for both vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. This development will only likely make this worse.”

“We also have a very big challenge with affordability of housing on the Island, and this issue is running away from the current Council administration.

"Only 35 per cent of new homes proposed for the Gunville development are predicted to be affordable. This number is far from acceptable, especially given the IOW Council’s record on providing affordable housing.”

He said: "The Island is now a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, largely due to a recognised harmony between our communities and local environment.

"The Newport area specifically, has plenty of empty properties that can be turned into efficient, affordable housing.

"Why are we seeing a proposal for development on land that could otherwise be used for growing local produce; potentially adding risk to our Biosphere status?

"Additionally, the site at Gunville is now of local archaeological importance after the recent discovery of an Iron Age roundhouse.”

He has called for a suitable and robust Island Planning Strategy.