THE New Labour general election campaign rolled into Harlow on Monday with Prime Minister Tony Blair promising to put schools and hospitals at the top of the agenda if he wins tomorrow (Thursday).

But Conservative candidate Robert Halfon spoke out about the visit, telling the Citizen: "They must be pretty worried about the Conservatives winning in Harlow for them to bring the big nobs in at the last moment."

Labour candidate Bill Rammell, who is seeking a second term as Harlow's MP, said neither he nor the party was taking anything for granted, despite recent opinion polls predicting a Labour landslide victory.

Mr Blair chose to hold his daily campaign press conference at the Latton Bush Centre, Southern Way, which was packed with national media teams and Labour supporters.

Urging people to ignore Tory warnings of the threat to parliamentary democracy posed by an increased Labour majority, he said people should vote for Labour on the issues.

With him was Chancellor Gordon Brown and Education and Employment Secretary David Blunkett.

Mr Blair said: "We will put forward a positive agenda, give people positive reasons to vote and positive reasons to vote Labour.

"And today I say to decent, patriotic, one nation Conservatives appalled at the policies and the strategy of today's Conservative Party, I believe you too should support us. If you believe in economic stability and schools and hospitals first, be part of it. Give us your strength and support."

Arriving at the centre, Mr Blair was met by impressionist Rory Bremner supported by an Alastair Campbell lookalike and Mr Halfon, backed by party members cheering and waving placards.

Mr Halfon said: "What people really want is better public services. Hospital waiting lists are up by 150,000, school children are facing a four day week in Harlow and they've cut police numbers by 181. And there are no police on the beat anymore.

"People are saying 'we've paid all the taxes where are the services?' And no amount of spin from Tony Blair or Bill Rammell can hide this.

"The issues that people in Harlow care about are keeping the pound, making Britain a safe haven and not a soft touch for asylum seekers, more police on the beat and improved public services.

"Labour are all spin and no delivery."

Also contesting the Harlow seat are Lorna Spenceley (Liberal Democrat), John Hobbs (Socialist Alliance) and Tony Bennett (UK Independence Party).

Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was at The Playhouse, Harlow, yesterday afternoon (Tuesday).